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Female Persuasion – Female persuasion guide book is a easy to follow guide filled with life science tips on various ways to build self confidence, create a unique charm and improve personality to appeal to any women.  The book claims to “Make any woman want to do anything for you” but to be realistic, the book provides a better way to present yourself, the attraction naturally comes along with you. The tips are great on how to break the ice, continue a meaningful discussion, listening tips and identifying trigger words. The techniques really work and proven via many examples in the text. To summarize, the “Female Persuasion” is a Men’s guide to present these best in any men and how to really stand out from the crowd even if you have struggled with women in the past. It’s about building your own BRAND.

How To Charm Any Woman’s Pants Off

Are you all about raising the bar when it comes to success with women? If so, here are seven of the most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself:

  Do women consistently ignore you…never paying you the attention you deserve, even though you’re a great guy with so much to offer?   Have you ever wondered why other guys seem to attract women with the snap of their fingers…while you never even get a woman to smile at you?

  Do you find yourself thinking that “all women are the same”…meaning they’re always interested in some other guy, not you?

  If you catch yourself daydreaming about a throng of adoring women catering to your every whim, do you immediately pass it off as “impossible”?

  Instead of scrambling to earn approval from women all the time, isn’t it time they were drawn to you magnetically…with almost zero effort? (And hey…isn’t it high time they started clamoring for your favor instead?)

  Are you unsure that you could unleash a woman’s naughtiest sexual fantasies…making her passionate about fulfilling every one of yours?

  Have you become jaded against women in general…no thanks to so many harsh “rejections” and/or a disastrous string of bad experiences?


Did you answer “yes” to one or more of those questions? I’ve been right there with you…and so has every other guy.

There’s no need to beat yourself up over it. I’ve got great news for you. Thankfully, the devastating effects of what society, the media and even some women who’ve grown cynical themselves have told you are fully reversible.

If you suspect that you really have grown pessimistic toward women, perhaps slowly over time, I’m about to erase the frustration and disappointment of the past so you can fall in love with women again. Isn’t that the way things should be?

Better yet, as unthinkable as it may sound, I’m going to show you how to make any woman want to do virtually anything for you. And yes…that goes for inside the bedroom, outside the bedroom and everywhere else.

It’s as if all you hear these days is negative talk from both men and women about each other. If you’ve been caught up in that dangerous vortex, you already know that it’s getting you nowhere…fast.

Yes, you can make them do anything for you, and love every second of it…all because they can’t help but be fascinated by you. And no, you’ll never have to beg, borrow or steal to make it all happen. It’s plain and simple:  Women will be drawn to you so powerfully because they just can’t resist you.

They’ll absolutely, positively love being around you and making you happy.

In other words, you really, truly can wield the power of sexual favor exactly like women often use it on us as men.

But see, the problem is that most men have no idea that this almost mystical capability to charm women is available to them, ready to be tapped into. And even if they suspect it exists, they haven’t the foggiest idea how to activate this bona-fide superpower for themselves.

Well, today is the day the veil gets lifted and everything changes for the better. That’s because every bit of the truth about making women want to do literally anything for you is right here for you in Female Persuasion.

Each Premium Audio program delivers a mission-critical component to the overall mindset that will magnetically draw women to you like moths to a flame…earning their favor and enjoying their feminine gifts all the while.

I’ve invited a number of world-famous special guests to join me on several of the audios, each contributing his or her valuable expertise. That ensures all the more that you’ll receive every shred of knowledge and all the skill you’ll need to achieve massive success.

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #1:
Main Presentation

Secrets To Making Any Woman Want To Do Anything For You

Most men live in a world full of stone-faced women who barely ever even notice them. From this day forward, however, you’ll be the one man who those other guys look upon with slackjawed respect.

After all, you’ll bask in the glow of women’s favor everywhere you go, having charmed them using the brilliant, previously unknown secrets you’ll discover in this audio program.

The extreme personal power you’ll have over women will be perfectly natural and masculine, therefore welcomed by women everywhere who’ve all been wondering where the real men had gone.

Best of all, you’ll never have to resort to underhanded tricks, petty manipulation or anything else inauthentic in any way. Be the man who boldly knows what he wants, and watch in awe as women literally adore you for it.

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #2:
Practical Examples

Your Step-By-Step Plan Of Action

Knowledge is power, but only if you use it to your advantage. In this audio program you’ll discover a wealth of objective, real-world ways you can make women everywhere love you and want to do wonderful things for you.

As a man of masculine influence, you’ll walk confidently in the favor of femininity…instantly recognized as a man whose talk and his actions are to be acted upon. It’s actually easy when you know the simple steps.

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #3:
Secrets To Being Charming

Featuring Adam Gilad

He who is charming gets the girl…and that’s the way it’s always been. But what does it really mean to be that guy? And how do you get it right without coming across in a way that just makes a woman roll her eyes?

Join the master of charm Adam Gilad and me as we give you practical, objective ways to literally enthrall a woman with your words, your actions and indeed your very presence. From now on, you can plan on grabbing her attention and holding on to it…all in a way that makes her want to be good to you.

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #4:
How To Read Her Type

Featuring Bobby Rio

When it comes to women, you just can’t take a “one size fits all” approach. There are different types of women out there, and the more you know about what makes each of them tick the more success you’ll enjoy…period.

For this fast-paced audio program I’m joined by none other than Bobby Rio of TSBmag.com, who has done a lot of thinking about how to relate to introverted women, extroverted women and every woman in between. As he breaks it all down for you, you’ll sense immediately just how much of an advantage he’s handing over to you.

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #5:
Identifying Women Who Are Givers Instead Of Takers

Featuring Dean Cortez

If you want to enjoy the favor of a woman who’ll do anything for you, it stands to reason that you’ll need to avoid the selfish ones who only think about themselves.

Dean Cortez stops by all the way from the Philippines to spill all of his hard-earned secrets. In this audio you’ll discover how to know right from the very start which women have generous hearts, even as you quickly root out manipulators who are only seeking a relationship with you for personal gain.

Why focus on women who’ll surely syphon all of your energy and resources away from you when there are so many beautiful, sexy women out there who will bring you only happiness?

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #6:
Finding Women Who Love To Do Guy Stuff

How To Turn Your Next Girlfriend Into Your Willing Accomplice

Sure, women love to go shoe shopping. They tend to watch some pretty wacked-out melodrama on TV, too.

But don’t get fooled into believing that you and any real, feminine woman you’re in a relationship with should live completely separate lives. Will she necessarily have totally different interests from yours simply because she’s female?

Don’t you believe it…even for a second. The plain truth is that you can (and should) find yourself a sexy cutie who’s game for just about anything that sounds like fun to you…no matter what it is. Let’s get real, here. I know first-hand that’s the only way to go, and I’m going to show you exactly how to make it happen.

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #7:
How to Get Her To Like You Immediately

Featuring Zach Browman

Why fall into the trap of believing that it’s got to take practically forever to get a woman to really, truly like you? The fact of the matter is that when you’ve got the know-how, you can make a woman genuinely hot for you in no time flat.

Zach Browman may be well known for making women laugh, but as you’re about to find that’s only the start. You can break down the social walls of even the most guarded women who’ve been hurt in the past, or who are just flat-out shy. Expect to pocket some pure gold from this audio.

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #8:
Make Her Want To Go Out With You

The Secrets Of Men Who Are Naturally Good With Women

They don’t memorize “routines” and they don’t recite a bunch of lines. But they do something that makes women love them and actually crave the opportunity to go out with them.

I’m talking, of course, about those particularly gifted men among us who have probably never even heard of the “Pickup Community”, but who are nevertheless able to approach women, start conversation with them and attract them with practically zero effort.

For the first time ever I’ve identified exactly what these guys do to make the magic happen. Prepare to have your mind-blown as I reveal for you previously unknown strategies that “naturals” use, perhaps without even realizing it.

From now on, you can enjoy those same insurmountable advantages when meeting women…the ones that any guy who’s still in the “dark ages” of canned pickup techniques will never be able to run with.

This audio is truly one of the “crown jewels” of Female Persuasion, and you’ll surely listen to it again and again.

Female Persuasion Premium Audio #9:
Get Her To Call Back And Show Up

Featuring Carlos Xuma

There’s nothing more irritating than getting a woman’s phone number only to have her not return your voice mail. Well, actually…maybe there is something even more annoying. That’s making what you thought were firm plans with her, only to have her “flake out” on you.

Well, my main man Carlos Xuma and I are all about making that humiliating pattern a thing of the past for you. In this audio we’ll not only show you how to get women to return your calls and keep their promises, we’ll fork over the closely-guarded secrets to making them straight-up excited to talk to you and see you again.

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